BETMEUP.IO is a decentralized, peer-to-peer gaming platform where anyone can become a bookmaker, a player or a prediction expert. Combining sports betting and RPG (Role Playing Game), BETMEUP.IO offers unique mechanics and the first-of-a-kind blockchain-based combination of games - "Game of Bets". The user chooses the role and mechanics to be used, whether this be betting or gaming, one always complementing the other. But it is a "winner-take-all" approach that is the main thing.
Involvement of New Players
Our team has developed the mechanics of soft involvement in betting, through intuitive and accessible gameplay. In this mode, the player has access to the full functionality of the betting process, same as playing for real money.
Single Ecosystem
The BETMEUP.IO platform combines full functionality required by users. With the help of infrastructure services, users can obtain information on the historical results of the two teams, detailed statistics of their recent games, watch live broadcasts, read the latest news, follow the participants' blogs, chat, and do many other things. All this is intended to unite the players and fans from around the world.
"Game of Bets"
In the absence of popular events in the offseason, the number of bets in traditional betting is significantly lower. "Game of Bets" gamification mechanics motivates users to make more bets, and involves players in the process regardless of the season, and a huge variety of industries not related to sports enables each player to find events of interest to him/her.
The "Game of Bets" mechanics will attract new users without previous betting experience and will sustain the interest of professional betters through the development of new mechanics.
No Limits
BETMEUP provides players with unlimited freedom to create their own betting market: create bets, set odds, accept bets. There are no limits on the number of bets and bet size.
Private Betting
The mechanics of creating a private bet are designed to ensure that the player can try on the role of the bookmaker. A player can challenge other players, set odds and the amount of winnings.
Target Market
The target market clearly shows the BETMEUP project has potential for enormous growth. In particular, the combination of sports betting in a P2P format, and integrated, deep gamification solutions open up new market opportunities in the future.
By combining two industries of betting and gaming into unique mechanics, BETMEUP.IO significantly expands the project's target audience.
Project Functionality
Betmeup is a ready-to-use and live product used on a daily basis to make hundreds and thousands of bets related to events in a dozen different industries. The platform's basic features are now fully implemented and utilized by users from around the world.
Private betting
Each platform user has the ability to create a bet on any sports, financial, political and many other events from many different industries. The mechanics enable the user to specify odds for both sides, as well as the amount of winnings. At the same time, users can independently control their risks by finding better offers or minimize the risk of loss by finding the right odds.
Fans vs Fans
It is now possible for fans to support their favorite team in reality, not just in words. Before the match, users can make a bet on their favorite team in a single click, and this decision will be displayed in real time in the pot amount and in the odds. The amount of the bet is not limited.
Personal Account and Statistics
All website users have access to detailed statistics of transactions on the broadest and most in-demand set of indicators:
  • Number of tokens earned per dollar invested (ROI)
  • Total percentage of winning bets (win rate)
  • Total bets in all modes (modes)
  • Number of bets won and lost
  • Number of created bets and accepted bets of other users
  • Number of people the user won against with the ability to view their accounts and statistics
  • Number of events the user participated in
And many other indicators
The personal account functionality also includes the capability to compare user achievements in the game against the best users to assess performance.
The platform functionality includes video feeds and live text commentary. This will allow users to come together on one platform to communicate, view events, and bet on the outcome. At the end of the match, highlights of the completed event will be available in the video section. A chat bot will be available for users unable to follow live video feeds that will keep users updated through online text messaging about key events of the game.
Combining Gaming and Betting
Combining game mechanics and private betting will give users from two different industries an opportunity for a deep dive into the project.
Game cards will make it possible to battle other players on the platform in turn-based strategies and level up their cards through direct participation in battles.
Game cards will be available to users for PvP battles, and different modes will enable leveling of players' personal cards, winning cash prizes by participating in tournaments, and battling for BMU tokens or possession of game cards, with the winner taking the loser's card.
Core framework

The platform infrastructure represents 6 system modules:
  • Game core - contains the functionality of the game token. This unit is responsible for the game mechanics and contains the basic battle system, characteristics of tokens, levels and visual component.
  • Betting core - contains the full functionality of bets available to users. Bets in the general pot, creation and acceptance of bets, infrastructure of the administration account and bet management.
  • Database is the center of all the computing power, with records of all user actions, token crediting and debiting logic and all changes associated with gaming tokens and their characteristics.
  • Blockchain and smart contract module. It performs a verification function and ensures transparency of all information stored in the database and takes over the escrow function to guarantee payments in accordance with the outcome of sporting events and changes in the possession of game tokens.
  • Marketplace of game tokens - a service needed for the sale and exchange of battle tokens and associated emblems, which uses the auction system with subsequent records of transactions in the blockchain.
Infrastructure if additional services not related to the project's gaming mechanics. This unit includes video feed, chat, gamification, social and user monetization services.
The demand for the BMU token grows with the increase of the playerbase. The amount of tokens is fixed and would not increase anymore. We will continue to burn a part of the current tokens to lower the supply.
= 0,32 USD
Current rate
9 634
BMU users
18 734 562
Marketing Budget left
BETMEUP strategy 2019
1 Quarter 2019
Football MVP launch and first 30 000 users acquisition.
2 Quarter 2019
100 000 users and active P2P players;
All sports markets.
3 Quarter 2019
1000 000 users and active P2P players;
Financial and other prediction markets.
4 Quarter 2019
10 000 000 users and active P2P players;
Classic bookmakers RIP.